MasterMind Genius

MasterMind Genius©

Based on Ancient Teachings Practiced by Mystics

By Gabriela Corá, MD, MBA

MasterMind Genius© is a groundbreaking program implementing the principles of the universal laws to individual and organizational health and wealth.

MasterMind Genius© is based on ancient teachings practiced by Mystics across geography and across time.  One of these laws has been famously shared in the work described in the Laws of Attraction, as it relates to the Principle of Cause and Effect.

A MasterMind Genius© Group consists of a selected group of ten individuals who meet on a monthly basis to discuss their individual and organizational health and wealth-related issues, seeking for problem-solving solutions applying these universal principles.

To become a group member, all participants are required to have a prior working knowledge of these principles and need to be ready to actively participate in problem-solving solutions to find their own answers as well as to assist their fellow group members.

We will ask you to commit for one year in order to participate in a MasterMind Genius© Group. Attendance of the 12 meetings is mandatory to participate.

Contact us if you are considering joining the MasterMind© Group or if you would like more information.