Managing Work in Life

Managing Work in Life© Seminar

A Seven Step Plan to Achieve Your Goals
and Manage Your New Life Business Plan

By Gabriela Corá, MD, MBA

If we lived in the ideal world, we would abide by the rule of thirds.  First, we would work eight hours of the day.  Next, we would spend eight hours in recreational activities.  Last, but not least, in the ideal world, we would recover our energy by sleeping eight hours every night, refreshing our bodies and minds, to start a new day with plenty of energy and stamina.

Managing Work in Life© will assist you:

  • Understand the myth of life-work balance
  • Learn about the healthy individual and the healthy organization
  • Learn a seven step plan to achieve your goals while integrating your New Life Business Plan®

Here is what some attendees have said:

Dr. Corá , You gave an amazing presentation at the Women's Business Network for the Corál Gables Chamber. We were all touched! I truly felt that you were speaking to me as you touched upon Trouble at the Top and Managing Your Life. I left that lunch and analyzed my current life/work situation. I went through your seven steps and I can honestly say that I have been more productive, healthier and happier! Thank you, Gaby.

— Victoria E. Villalba, President, Victoria & Associates Career Services, Inc., Miami, Florida

Your New Life Business plan has been a tremendous value in 'redirecting' my life in the manner in which I want it to go versus losing control to life circumstances. After three plus years I am still using it as my foundation to move forward with my daily life. You should spread the word about this great tool that you developed as it will assist many!

— Regional Account Manager, Fortune 50, New York, New York

Dr. Corá - Thank you, your presentation was lively and the concept easy to grasp; our group appreciated your talk on life-work management tremendously!

On a personal note the information was very timely as I’ve realized that the only way to approach life and work is to apply your concept of “AIM / IAM.” So I’m consciously making changes in my life that will allow me to maintain focused on what my goals are so that I can accomplish them and enjoy life!!!

— Ana Alleguez, President & WPO Member, Alleguez Architecture, Inc., Corál Gables, Florida

If you would like more information about life-work balance, watch Dr. Corá’s interview on “Today in America” with award-winning host Ric Bratton.