Wellbeing Seminars

Are You Ready to Maximize Your Performance and Productivity While Maximizing Your Health and Wellbeing?

Dr. Gaby Corá  and Dr. Eduardo Locatelli, President and Vice President of the Executive Health & Wealth Institute respectively, present seminars to people and organizations who want to be healthy while they become wealthy—striving to discover, experience, and enjoy the power of wellbeing.

Dr. Gabriela Corá's Seminars

Gabriela Corá, MD, MBA
President, Executive Health & Wealth Institute
Managing Partner, Florida Neuroscience Center
Chapter Chair, Women Presidents’ Organization

Leading Under Pressure©

Millions around the world are thinking, planning, and scheming about how to stretch a 24-hour day into an endless and productive workday. Burnt-out, energy-depleted, or constantly stressed, many find themselves unable to take pleasure in their hard-earned position.

  • Is your organization going through major change with the financial crisis, mergers, acquisitions, and lay-offs?
  • Are you working sixteen hour-days to produce more with less?
  • Have you maxed out your ability to perform at the highest level?
  • Are you experiencing stress-related medical problems that impact upon your ability to achieve your peak performance?

Leading Under Pressure

Managing Work in Life©

If we lived in an ideal world, we would abide by “The Rule of Thirds,” we would work eight hours every day, we would spend eight hours in recreational activities, and we would sleep eight hours every night.

  • Do you feel you Life-Work Balance is a Myth?
  • Are you working 24/7 and struggling to juggle it all?
  • Is it a challenge to integrate healthy strategies
    to your daily routine?
  • Do you know what you need to do but do not know how to create your New Life Business Plan®?

Managing Work in Life

Quantum Wellbeing©

A groundbreaking program that integrates Dr. Corá’s years of experience as a medical doctor and business consultant, the Quantum Wellbeing© seminar can be adjusted to the needs of any group.

Quantum Wellbeing

Mastermind Genius©

Based on ancient teachings practiced by Mystics across geography and across time, MasterMind Genius is a groundbreaking program implementing the Principles of the Universal Laws to Individual and Organizational Health and Wealth.

Mastermind Genius

Dr. Eduardo Locatelli’s Seminars

Dr. Eduardo Locatelli

Eduardo Locatelli, MD, MPH
Vice President, Executive Health & Wealth Institute
Medical Director and Principal, Florida Neuroscience Center

Challenge Your Memory©

As we have come to learn and understand the benefits of physical exercise to keep our bones strong and our hearts healthy, we are also learning about the benefits of implementing a mental exercise plan to keep our brains healthy, and our memory sharp and stimulated.

  • Is stress taking a toll on your memory?
  • Do you have a family history of memory problems?
  • Would you like to challenge your memory to reach
    your highest ability?

Challenge Your Memory

Medical Informatics©

Dr. Locatelli can advise you and your organization in leading your
Medical Informatics initiatives.

Electronic Medical Records©

Dr. Locatelli can advise you and your organization in leading your
Electronic Medical Records initiatives.

Six Sigma in Healthcare©

Dr. Locatelli can assist you in Six Sigma in Healthcare initiatives.

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