Health & Wealth Speaking Presentations

Wellbeing Keynotes and Seminars

The Executive Health & Wealth Institute’s Dr. Gaby Corá and Dr. Eduardo Locatelli present health and wealth presentations to companies, professional associations and international organizations.

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Gaby Cora SpeakingKeynote Presentations

Dr. Gaby Corá’s energy, enthusiasm, strategic focus and innovative style are qualities in action as a keynote speaker in Fortune 500 companies, professional associations, and international organizations.  She offers keynotes in Miami and at locations of our clients’ choice.

Wellbeing Keynotes

Gaby Cora SeminarsSeminars

Dr. Gaby Corá and Dr. Eduardo Locatelli, President and Vice President of the Executive Health & Wealth Institute respectively, present seminars to people and organizations who want to be healthy while they become wealthy—striving to discover, experience, and enjoy the power of wellbeing.

Wellbeing Seminars


Mystic Accord Workshop

Dr. Gaby Corá offers weekly intensive workshops at her Miami studio to help you find your peace and succeed no matter your past. She uses hypnosis, guided imagery, regression, relaxation and energy work—in addition to her usual healthy dose of common sense—to help you find your core.

Mystic Accord Workshop

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