Health & Wealth Speaking Presentations

Lead More Effectively with Less Pressure and Better Results

What Can We Do for You and Your Organization?

We work with leaders who need to hit the ground running while they are leading under pressure and striving to enjoy success and well-being.

We help senior executives of public corporations, CEOs of privately-owned companies, their teams, and their organizations:

  • For those heading toward disaster, we help shift gears toward safe landing.
  • For those who have already gone the wrong way, we help them pick up the pieces and start over.
  • For those who want to start or grow their organizations, we help create a strong foundation to reach full potential, with aligned strategies, and integrated success.


Leadership Consulting

We assist corporate executives, entrepreneurs and their executive teams to maximize their effectiveness while they are leading under pressure—still maximizing their quality of life and managing their work at the same time.


Wellbeing Speaking

The Executive Health & Wealth Institute’s Dr. Gaby Corá and Dr. Eduardo Locatelli present health and wealth presentations to companies, professional associations and international organizations.


Executive Coaching

Dr. Corá and our team of experts works with people who want to have an extraordinary life experience with a clear mission to serve others and who strive to be in their best physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual shape they can be.


Executive Health & Wealth Resources

Dr. Corá and our team of experts make valuable resources and products available to you with the purpose of improving your health, performance and productivity.


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