Leading Under Pressure

Leading Under Pressure®

When the CEO Burns Out

For each item, note the number that best describes your opinion:

Executive Health Wealth Mini Burnout Quiz

1. I have medical problems because of the excessive stress I experience (tension headaches, anxiety, depression, heart problems, or gastrointestinal problems)

2. I have increased my alcohol drinking at night to unwind from a stressful day.

3. I get easily annoyed with my friends and family when I come back home because of stress at work.

4. I have been stressed out for the past six months.

5. I give all my energy to my work and I have no energy left in the evenings and over the weekend.

6. I feel my job security is threatened.

7. The thought of going to work every day stresses me out.

8. I am stressed out all the time.

9. I have been to the emergency room thinking I was having a heart attack and was told I had a panic attack instead.

10. I take sleeping pills (over-the-counter or prescribed) to sleep at night.