Alpha Female

Alpha Female:
Leader of a Pack of Bitches

Winning Strategies to Become an Outstanding Leader

By Dr. Gaby Corá

Everyone has had that kind of female boss—the one that you think of inappropriate words for when she gets to that time of the month or starts emotional wars during the busiest projects of the day. Some days it’s just better to stand back and let her attack someone else, but other days you just can’t stay out of the line of fire.

What do you do when your female boss is acting like a, well, bitch?  You read the the book, Alpha Female: Leader of a Pack of Bitches by Dr. Gaby Corá.

Alpha Female is aimed directly at both female leaders and the people they rule. No man will dare say the things Dr. Gaby Corá says in her book; although they are politically incorrect for a man to say, a woman leader like Dr. Corá can get away with describing what most men think but don’t dare say and what many women know but avoid altogether.

Tell it as it is: Five Useful Tips for Men and Women Striving to Survive Alpha Females

  • If you can’t stay away, SIT
  • If you can’t sit, GO FETCH
  • If you can’t go fetch, PLAY DEAD

If you can’t play dead, READ THIS BOOK!

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Read what people say about Alpha Female. . .

Dr. Corá gave an outstanding presentation at the Chapter Launch of The Women of the Roundtable event on June 2009, in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Her presentation was amazing, exhilarating, informative as well as inspiring. In addition, Dr. Corá's book, Alpha Female, provided excellent strategies on becoming an outstanding leader. If you haven't yet read this book this year, you must read this incredible book.

Doris R. Gomez,
President, The Women of the Roundtable

Thank you so much for writing this book Dr. Gaby. I found it incredibly insightful. I’ve been working on my leadership and communication style for quite a few years. Yet, for every 5 steps forward, I inevitably fell back 1 step. I knew that there was something holding me back from amazing success, but was totally clueless as to what I could be doing to self-sabotage myself. Within 47 pages of reading your book, I pin-pointed two Alpha Fee-Bee traits in myself that I was totally unaware I was doing. Now I can kick those undesirable traits to the curb and move forward!

Alicia Gregg
VP/Dir. of Business Development

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 Alpha Female: Leader of a Pack of Bitches softcover book and ebook download

Alpha Female: Leader of a Pack of Bitches

Softcover book and eBook PDF download
by Gabriela Corá


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 Alpha Female: Leader of a Pack of Bitches softcover book

Alpha Female: Leader of a Pack of Bitches

Softcover book
by Gabriela Corá


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