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Application for Dr. Gaby Cora’s
KOL Doctor Teleseminar Series

YES!! I want a spot in your upcoming KOL Doctor Teleseminar Series.


I want your help to launch my career as a Key Opinion Leader so I can help more people, get more recognition
as an expert in my field, share my message of health and wellness with many more people, and
turn my book or expertise into a six or maybe even seven-figure income stream. 

Once accepted, I'll get all of the following:

  • The KOL Doctor seven-week video-teleseminar is an intensive series that will give you all the tools you need to maximize your visibility as a thought and key opinion leader. This amazing opportunity will help you dive, head first, into the KOL world. You can work at your own pace and set up your own goals and deadlines.
  • Weekly training teleseminars for seven weeks exclusively for KOL Doctor. Key coaching, consulting, business, marketing, media, speaking, and publishing strategies will be presented by Dr. Gaby Cora and/or hand-picked experts that she has directly learned from. You’ll be able to ask questions during the teleseminars. Each call will be ninety minutes. The first hour will be a presentation followed by Q&A. Recordings will be available to all members in case you can’t make the call or want to listen to it again.
  • And more surprise seminars and opportunities by our associate experts after your completion. If you can’t make one or more of the sessions, we’ll be happy to provide you with audio recordings, video, and all written materials.
  • Dr. Gaby Cora’s coaching and consulting agreements or reference to state-of-the-art agreements, marketing letters, and media tips that will help you as you create your empire one step at a time.

Money Back GuaranteeYour Money Back Guarantee

If by the end of the first teleseminar, for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply let me know, and you’ll get a full refund on your tuition. You have nothing to lose! All I ask is that you participate in the first teleseminar and give the program a fair try. If you need to cancel in advance, you may do so before September 1st for a refund less $500 cancellation fee. We have this cancellation fee to discourage people who aren’t serious from applying and taking a spot away from somebody who is committed to becoming a Key Opinion Leader.


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Three payments of $997 (now, 30 and 60 days from now, with full payment by the completion of the program.)

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Save $500.00 with a single payment of just $2,497

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NOTE: You will need to spend time, learning, working and building your coaching business at your own pace. We cannot promise you'll make money. In addition, results are not guaranteed and will vary depending upon various factors including your effort, individual abilities, market and quality of your book, product or service.