Are You Ready To Claim Your

Position As A Key Opinion Leader?

Would you like to be considered a Key Opinion Leader by industry, colleagues and the public at large?

What does being a Key Opinion Leader mean anyways?
Why will I have any trouble marketing, offering or selling my unique niche if I'm the best at what I do?


The answers are simple: you may be the best at your craft but if the world doesn't know you will be the best kept secret.


I'm offering a seven-step system to help you become recognized in the industry, your peers and the public at large with a unique program I have worked with for years. This program will help you launch a successful and prosperous speaking, consulting and coaching career beyond your current accomplishments. Although many people ask me to coach, mentor, advise and train them, I'd like to focus on doctors only. This includes medical doctors, physicians, PhDs and all kinds of doctors who are ready to claim their hard-earned position as a Key Opinion Leader. There are different reasons for my choice but one of the biggest reasons is my assumption that you've appreciated your academic learning, you've worked hard to position yourself high on the expert hierarchy, you've devoted a significant amount of time, energy and money in achieving your goals and you want to maximize the impact you can bring to society based on your great career.


By being a Key Opinion Leader you will be able to position your services as the ultimate expert which will, in turn, provide additional opportunities for you to become a sought-after speaker, best-selling author, consultant or coach of choice, “go to” guru and “must have guest” on radio, television and printed media.

FROM: Dr. Gaby Cora

Dear colleague,

When you act on what I’m about to describe, I know it will change the way you will practice the profession you wholeheartedly embraced when you went into school seeking your doctorate degree.

I know you must be wondering how you can more effectively spread your message to your clients, colleagues and to the world.

How do I know this? Because I went through that same transformation years ago, when I decided to fulfill my mission to spread Wellbeing, by providing a message of health and wellness to the public at large in each and every form.

And, because I want to help everyone around the world become healthier and wealthier and to experience The Power of Wellbeing, I am thrilled to share the secrets of my success in building an amazing system providing for everything that I was meant to do when I became a doctor more than twenty years ago.

I'm so excited about the possibility of helping you, that I'm going to give you all the details and all the information right here, right now, so you can decide whether or not this unique program is meant for you.

Over the next seven weeks I want to personally share my lessons learned with you to make measurable progress toward turning your dream into a reality.

No matter how much or how little you've done so far in advancing your career as an expert, author, speaker, or consultant, we can help you get to a much higher level of expertise, exposure, income, and influence.

What type of goals can we help you move toward? Here are some:

  • Want to coach, mentor or advise people in your line of work? You spent long training hours in school and in practice; who would be better than you to promote your unique message at each and every level?
  • Want to promote your consulting programs and implement them in non-profit and for-profit corporate groups? You deeply understand your industry and what helps people and groups of people. Learn how to position your expertise to be the go-to person within the corporate world.
  • Want to get paid thousands of dollars for a single 90-minute speech as an expert Key Opinion Leader? You know the science and you work with people who need your knowledge. Learn how to effectively translate your message in a way that is appealing to the public at large so that you are hired to speak again and again while delivering a powerful message.
  • Want to bring in a healthy income or more from your book or expertise? You have a book in the works and it has lived in your mind for years. Should you self publish or should you get an agent to get published? Learn how the system works and decide what’s the best option for your work to reach a wide audience and create passive income while you sleep.
  • Want to get on national television shows such as Fox News, CNN, and Lifetime? If so, I’ll share my experience of how I was invited several times to several shows and how I became a regular expert guest on those shows. I will teach you how you can create your own strategy and reach millions with your message.
  • Want to host your own radio or TV talk show? In this letter, you’ll read about how to be called by producers every week and how you can start your own show just like I did.
  • Want to spend more time with your family and provide for amazing coaching, mentoring and advising; consult corporations at a high level, and sell your book and other information via the Internet while making substantial amounts of passive income? I will share how to create an empire of coaching, consulting, selling books, and products while creating massive amounts of passive income.
  • Are you feeling tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, and confused by all the things you have to do and all the available options? Then I have a solution—an opportunity never made available to doctors before.

Introducing my KOL Doctor exclusive video-teleseminar program for doctors who want to develop a successful career as a Key Opinion Leader who are serious about quickly going to a whole new level in their personal income and sphere of influence. You can listen live and participate in a Q & A at the end of each seminar or you can listen at your leisure to advance in your career path. I will share my own lessons learned about how to implement successful coaching principles, how to create your own coaching practice, re-launch your practice, launch your consulting programs, effectively market your services, create an empire and turn your book or expertise into reliable income.

Wouldn’t you like to be ONE of the KOLs?

Between the Top KOLs and Everyone Else?

The difference is simply this: the top KOLs know exactly how to market their expertise or message for maximum profit. The rest only think they do. Many doctors think people will come to see them because they are the best. They then switch academic or industry jobs or open a new practice and nobody knocks at their door. Surprised? I know this first hand. I was a junior clinical researcher at the National Institutes of Health in the mid nineties when I started to experience the attraction from the media, associations and the industry. The media wanted me on TV, radio and for interviews. I was invited to keynote for associations and the industry wanted to pay me to speak at their events or train their experts. I then went to work for the pharmaceutical industry and part of my job was to establish great relationships with Key Opinion Leaders! I learned what it took to be considered a KOL from the other side of the equation! I left PhRMA to start my career as a solo-consulting practitioner and brought a great plan together to position myself as an expert on my own. I learned a lot by trial and error and refined what to do and when to do it with experience. Try a Google search with the terms “executive” and “health” and see where my company is… in the front page among millions of results, next to the Johns’ Hopkins, Cleveland Clinic, Mayo Clinic and more. And I don't pay for ads. Do you want to know how I did it?

That’s why I’m writing this letter to you today.

Many experts have become well-known in their industry while they worked for a well-known organization but need to start over when they are on their own. I want to see you offering the best of services to the world while having the lifestyle you deserve, making a very good six- or seven-figure income—or more—from your expertise, book, and consulting, year after year, working from wherever you choose, doing whatever you choose, and having the total freedom that can be yours as a successful Key Opinion Leader.

You’ve worked too hard and come too far to have it any other way.

You’re Probably A Lot Closer to Achieving Your Goal Than You Realize

I’ve been a medical doctor for twenty-two years, I have been a practicing psychiatrist since finishing my residency and fellowship at the National Institutes of Health, and I have been an entrepreneur for the last ten years. Although I received excellent training in medical school, residency, and fellowship, truth be told, we don’t get much business training during our medical career, do we? I pursued an MBA to get additional training in business and the closest to a practical MBA was my experience working within the pharmaceutical industry. That gave me the edge in corporate America. Even the MBA was mostly theory, taught by great professors with little practical experience. Although there were other doctors in my class, I was the only entrepreneur! I have been very active in my professional association for the past two decades but I have learned coaching, publishing, speaking, marketing, sales, and publicity principles by learning from the best: marketing experts, internet entrepreneurs, and national publicity gurus.

Are You Ready to Develop a Successful Coaching Practice,
Launch Your Corporate Programs, Create Your Books, Sell Them in Bulk,
and Be Invited as a Speaker Over and Over Again?

Why did I decide to launch Key Opinion Leader?

Very simple. Several colleagues have been telling me: “I want to do what you do, you’ve done it all: I want to be like you!”

This simple statement forced me to think: “What do I do and how do I do it? How can I help others replicate what I have done so they, too, can share my success?”

I gathered tons of information from the best in the business and put it together to build my empire.

I want to help you build yours.

By building your empire you will be able to:

  • Create the practice the way you have envisioned and not the way third parties want you to practice
  • Create opportunities to speak for companies, organizations, and public events that will pay for your time and expertise
  • Create passive streams of income that make money for you while you sleep
  • Create a lifestyle that matches your hard work
  • Create an amazing future by doing what you love to do: promote your area of expertise at each and every level

How about you?

Are you continuously learning and improving your skills? I hope so, because it’s one of the best traits the most successful entrepreneurs, coaches, experts, and authors have in common. No matter how much they’ve accomplished, they’re always studying and refining their marketing and executive skills. This is one of the key reasons why I’m working with doctors only: I want to guide others who are serious about learning and implementing lessons learned on their own.

Who I Am and Why I Can Help You Make a Difference in
Your Career, Influence, Recognition and Income

My name is Dr. Gaby Cora—Gabriela Cora, MD, DFAPA, MHA, MBA are the degrees hanging on my wall—and I’ve dedicated the past 22 years of my life to helping people ease their pain as it relates to stress, mood and anxiety disorders. I have been passionate about promoting a message of health and wellness at each and every level. I have been a clinical researcher at the National Institutes of Health, a Lieutenant Commander in the US Public Health Service, a Director in the pharmaceutical industry, a Clinical Director of a 200-bed hospital, a lecturer in management at the University of Miami, and an entrepreneur at the Executive Health & Wealth Institute and the Florida Neuroscience Center.

In addition to my medical practice, I have been an executive coach to CEOs of multi-million and billion-dollar companies and I have had the privilege of being a corporate consultant to Fortune 500 companies. I have given talks around the world for corporations and international organizations. My books have been sold in bulk and I have autographed them at events. I have been a regular guest on national television shows and I have masterminded a group of business owners who make 1MM+ in revenue. I host my own show these days.

Here's what some of my clients have said about my work:

As a Coach, Consultant & Trainer. . .

Dr. Gaby has worked with many of our clients at Bradley Communications for years. We turn to her when any of our customers need additional expert help in getting direction in their planning, guidance toward their goals, help with focusing and prioritizing. She is amazing at helping people figure out a timeline and next steps in order to move forward in their projects and businesses. Gaby is super prompt, reliable, creative - gets fast results and is willing to take on challenges. I LOVE working with her and appreciate the many skills she brings to the table.

--Geoffrey Berwind, Senior Coach,
Bradley Communications Corp.

New to the speaking profession, I attended a series of seminars that Dr. Gaby offered on "The Business of Speaking". Not only did I learn an enormous amount, but by using her own experiences to illustrate her point, I was able to relate what she was teaching to my own situation. I have pages of notes that I can actually use! Excellent content, excellent delivery.

--Lindsay Frucci, Founder, No Pudge

Dr. Gaby's energy, passion, and enthusiasm are infectious. She is the "coach's coach" and gives 1000 percent of her knowledge and creativity. She holds nothing back and helps you come up with action steps to be taken within a realistic timeline. I genuinely enjoyed working with her and I highly recommend her as a consultant.

--Lizandra Vega, Workplace Style/Etiquette Coach,
Lizandra Vega Enterprises

If you want a friend and partner with astonishingly swift understanding of your business problems and an equally efficient knack for recommending targeted solutions, Dr. Gaby is the one for you! Our business took a leap of faith into an area where we had virtually no experience. Dr. Gaby had all the answers, but like a great consultant, structured our conversations to have us get to the answers ourselves. Since the solutions were our own, they were custom, effective, and of lasting impact.

With Dr. Gaby's help, we gained the clarity to move in a different direction—the right direction. Work with someone else at your own risk!

--Laura Berger, PCC

Highly recommend Dr. Gaby for her insights on how to develop and build a executive speaking practice. Her wealth of experience and engaging personality makes her a "go to" person in the world of professional speaking.

--Dan Sinnott, President,
Sinnott Executive Consulting

As a Business Consultant . . .

Gaby has been a wonderful coach/mentor in working through very difficult family problems in our business. Her insight into interaction between brothers who are also business partners has been a tremendous help to me as I have taken brothers and cousins and assigned them to areas where their best talents can be used to move the business ahead without alienating them or causing an impasse.

--Gary Wells, CEO, Blue Bunny,
Le Mars, Iowa

During difficult times of transition, Dr. Gaby Cora encouraged us to make decisions without fear. She walked us through the process of understanding that you don't buy loyalty, you reward it.

Gaby helped me to deal with the prejudice of our culture; about a young woman leading a group of companies and to deal with the generational GAPS.

No matter the age or sex, you can be equally successful.

--Monique Miranda Merle, CEO & President,
Universal Group, Inc.

We hired Dr. Corá right after we experienced an extraordinarily critical and sensitive situation. From the beginning, she was knowledgeable, flexible, and willing to work with our immediate and urgent needs, but with an eye on the long- term challenges and opportunities. As an expert in crisis management, she worked with our executives individually as well as with our business groups, adding to our sense of being in the right hands throughout the process. In addition to understanding our business needs, Dr. Corá understood the individual, interpersonal, and company needs so that our overall goal remained in alignment with the goodwill that our company is driven to fulfill. We appreciate the work she has done for us through the years and we would recommend her as a leadership consultant expert in critical situations.

--VP, Global Security, Fortune 500

First and foremost it was comforting after our initial discussion knowing that we had someone competent to turn to in helping deal with sensitive issues that can arise from time to time. Since these issues can develop rather quickly, the sooner they can be dealt with the better. I was very impressed with Gaby’s response time and the cooperation to work around the schedule of all parties involved.

In addition, Gaby always made everyone feel very comfortable with expressing their feelings or concerns. All of her advice was always well thought out, and presented in a professional, non-demeaning manner. This could be very difficult to do if you are not an expert in knowing how to effectively communicate with people and have the experience in solving tough issues that can come about in businesses. We felt very fortunate to have met Gaby and made her be part of our team.

--Terry W. Claus, President,
Home Financing Center, Miami, Floridas

Gaby is an exceptional person. Her positive approach, keen insights and ability to quickly assess and address a challenge or opportunity are key strengths. She possesses many talents. I find her book and newsletters informative and targeted to the needs of leaders today.

--Lesa Lardieri-Wright, Vice President RMRS,
Pfizer Pharmaceuticals

Your New Life Business plan has been a tremendous value in 'redirecting' my life in the manner in which I want it to go versus losing control to life circumstances. After three plus years I am still using it as my foundation to move forward with my daily life. You should spread the word about this great tool that you developed as it will assist many!

--Regional Account Manager, Fortune 50,
New York, New York

As a Speaker & KOL on Televeision . . .

Entrepreneurs rarely have the opportunity to openly discuss the unique stress they experience in their lives. I was very impressed by your ability to immediately resonate with a group of business owners from around the world. I truly believe you made a difference in each of our lives that day.

--Calvin Carter, Business Owner & EO Member,
Entrepreneurs’ Organization Global Meeting in Marrakech

Dr. Gaby has been a tremendous content resource for The Balancing Act. She not only provides our viewers with incredible Health & Wellness insights she does so in a professional yet approachable way that viewers truly respond to. Whether working with Dr. Gaby in front of the camera as an on camera expert or behind the scenes as a consultant, she is a valuable asset and wonderful contributor to The Balancing Act. Not to mention a true delight to work with!

--Steve Berlowski, Executive VP of Production,
The Balancing Act on Lifetime Television, O2Media

Dr. Gaby was the keynote speaker during our Rotary Club meeting, and she was dynamite. Speaking on topics ranging from personal health to business leadership, her depth of knowledge and undeniable charisma had the room hanging on her every word. With such an impressively vast and diverse background in both medicine and business, it is no wonder we were left wanting for more. Her book "Leading Under Pressure" is a must read for C-level executives seeking a way to reach that higher-level of energy and vigor required by the intense corporate leader. We hope to see Dr. Gaby again very soon.

--Luis Ortega, CEO,
Security Arms International, Miami, Florida

Dr. Cora, You gave an amazing presentation at the Women's Business Network for the Coral Gables Chamber. We were all touched! I truly felt that you were speaking to me as you touched upon Trouble at the Top and Managing Your Life. I left that lunch and analyzed my current life/work situation. I went through your seven steps and I can honestly say that I have been more productive, healthier and happier! Thank you, Gaby.

--Victoria E. Villalba, President,
Victoria & Associates Career Services, Inc., Miami, Florida

Dr. Corá - Thank you, your presentation was lively and the concept easy to grasp; our group appreciated your talk on life-work management tremendously!

On a personal note the information was very timely as I’ve realized that the only way to approach life and work is to apply your concept of “AIM / IAM.” So I’m consciously making changes in my life that will allow me to maintain focused on what my goals are so that I can accomplish them and enjoy life!!!

--Ana Alleguez, President & WPO Member,
Alleguez Architecture, Inc., Coral Gables, Florida

As Author: Leading under Pressure . . .

Leading Under Pressure—is there any other kind of real leadership? I don't think so. And neither does Dr. Gabriela Corá. She accepts pressure as a given. Uniquely qualified as a corporate consultant, clinical researcher, and physician, she tells us how to better understand and manage the ordinary and extraordinary pressures in the life of a leader.

--Michael Miller, M.D., Editor in Chief,
Harvard Mental Health Letter

Women Business Enterprises and business women in general live under all sorts of pressure and perform daily balancing acts. Some of us have developed skills to help us cope with our roles as business and community leaders, mothers, sisters and daughters. Many of us need help - that's where Leading under Pressure comes in - a great resource for us all. Thanks, Gaby for your insight, your thoroughness and your ability to help us not only define, but refine what we are looking for and what we can expect.

--Nancy Allen, President & CEO, WBDC,
Florida Affiliate of the Women's Business Enterprise National Council

In her book Leading Under Pressure, Dr. Gabriela Corá depicts and addresses the most important challenges that Executives and Corporate Professionals face in their daily practices. The content of this book is as useful to the busy business executives as it is to physicians at large, and especially to psychiatrists and other mental health professionals.

In this text, Dr. Corá demonstrates extremely well the role of stress and burnt-out vis-à-vis medical and psychiatric conditions. Obviously, this book is essential for everyone interested in the topic of health and well-being.

--Pedro Ruiz, M.D., President, American Psychiatric Association, president elect World Psychiatric Organization

As Chapter Chair and Board Member . . .

Our Chapter has benefited from having Gaby on board!! She ALWAYS steers meetings so that they have a business focus and maintains the topic of how we can all improve and grow our business in the forefront.

Since Gaby became the chapter's chair, our meetings are relevant, interesting, productive, and beneficial to all members.

I am very happy with our re-energized chapter and the wealth of information, experience, and expertise Gaby and my fellow chapter members bring to the table.

--Women's President Organization Member

Gaby's talent for thinking outside-the-box has been critical to the quantum leap the Foundation has made and will continue with her help

--Richard K. Harding, M.D. President,
American Psychiatric Foundation

As President of the Florida Speakers Association,
Chapter of the National Speakers' Association . . .

Dr. Gaby has brought great energy to the Florida Speakers Association with her upbeat personality and critical thinking. She put together a stellar set of programs with some of the top speakers in the business. Each one provides the latest and best information available on the topic . . .

--Rebecca Staton-Reinstein, Immediate Past President, Florida Speakers Association

Dr. Gaby Cora is the President of the Florida Speakers Association. She is a true professional, very creative and a magnificent problem solver. She is a leader, is able to form a team and very important, knows how to listen. FSA is very fortunate to be presided by such a top notch professional

--Joachim DePosada CSP, President,
Dr. Joachim de Posada and Associates, Inc.

Credit Union Business

In the last few years, I’ve seen firsthand the many rewards of developing my coaching practice and marketing my expertise. Not long ago, I was on the front cover of the Credit Union Business magazine for the Health & Productivity issue. Why did they contact me? Because I positioned myself as an expert in helping people maximize their productivity and performance while maximizing health and Wellbeing. I have also been quoted in the Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Business Week, Time, and more. Wouldn’t you like to be that expert so the media, corporations, and potential clients will only want to hire you?


You’ll Also Learn from the Experts that I Have Learned from as This Unique Program Combines Coaching, Consulting, Speaking, Business, Marketing, Publishing, and Publicity!


This unique program offers specific training for you to become a sought-after Coach, Mentor and Advisor providing for key coaching elements, drawing the difference between these different modalities, practice issues, ethics guidelines, and more.


As doctors, we are trained to become experts in specific areas and to deliver services but we are taught very little about how to establish successful partnerships, employments, or our own successful private practice outside of employment. KOL Doctor will provide you with some solid business concepts you can easily implement to offer your expertise in a more successful way.


Most doctors are trained to offer one-on-one services. Some doctors are seasoned speakers and present to other doctors, during association meetings or at the corporate level. In KOL Doctor, we offer you expert tips to become the speaker of choice in your area of expertise and be invited over and over again while you develop expert programs so you can deliver your programs to a larger general audience.

Leading Under PressurePUBLISHING

Most successful gurus have published their work and promote their message through books, audiobooks, and audiovisuals. KOL Doctor will guide you through the publishing process so as to decide whether to seek for publishing by a major publishing house, to self-publish and sell books in bulk, or to license other programs that have already been created by trusted experts and authors.


You may be the best expert on the face of the Earth but, truth be told, you will be the best kept secret if people don’t know you even exist; I hear this all the time. Self-promoters are able to launch their careers with little difficulty and quickly leave everyone else far behind. KOL Doctor will proactively show you easy ways in which you can be on the alert for media queries, formulate your pitch effectively, and deliver your message concisely, consistently, and to the point.


You may or may not have a website for your practice but you will need a website or mobile presence for your new successful career. At KOL Doctor we will help you maximize your effectiveness via your existing website and we will help you through the process of getting a website if you don’t already have one. What are the benefits of having a website besides having the opportunity to market your services? Easy answer: you could offer coaching services and products online.


Did you know that only about 50% of medical doctors use computers? This is drastically changing with computer-use made easy—and obligatory in the healthcare industry. Did you know that most of the population finds coaches, consultants, and experts who market themselves as experts directly on social media venues such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter? Would you like to learn more about how to effectively communicate your message by blasting social media venues launching your practice, seminars, books, and more? KOL Doctor will give you a better idea of how to effectively create your profile, your message, and blast it to the world.

When you’re in my KOL Doctor Video-Teleseminar Program, you’ll see actual examples of what works and what doesn’t. You’ll receive a complete toolbox of each module including coaching, consulting, speaking, marketing, publishing, and publicity materials, which you can imitate and tailor for your own purposes.

So you feel you already are a Key Opinion Leader and you are at your peak? You may have the best of ideas to achieve your goals and you may not benefit from attending this program if you feel you are already at the summit. On the other hand, if you only have one or two elements of your empire, I would certainly want to invite you to this unique program as there is no other program that originates from doctors to doctors.

You see? Many others have become overnight sensations by virtue of their experience. Morbidly obese show contestants become media favorites to talk about nutrition and exercise after shedding hundreds of pounds. Survivors of life-threatening medical problems become prominent bloggers and authors of best-selling books. Sufferers of mental health problems write self-help tips that may have greater impact than those written by a knowledgeable and experienced therapist. KOL Doctors can use practical tips and strategies to spread their lessons learned to colleagues, industry and the public at large.

The first thing we’re going to do in our KOL Doctor Video-Teleseminar Program is help you design an integrative masterplan of action to achieve KOL status and, more so, to be seen as a Key Opinion Leader by your clients, colleagues, your industry and the public at large.

You’ll be part of an exclusive seven-week, ninety-minute video-teleseminar program that will help you put together the building blocks of what makes a successful Key Opinion Leader’s prestigious career. The seminars will be jammed-packed with useful information, strategies and links to the best resources in each category.

We'll Use a Unique Turnkey to Help You Launch Your Successful KOL Doctor Practice

Of course, I know you are busy. Not only have I been a doctor for twenty years, I have been married to one for over twenty years. Practice is consuming and it’s not easy to start new ventures. You may feel you can’t afford spending the time, energy, and money, but can you afford not to launch a proven successful strategy to claim your expertise and be perceived by clients, customers, patients, colleagues and the public at large?

Here Are Just Some of the Highlights of What You'll Learn
in the KOL Doctor Video-Teleseminar Program


  • Coaching principles: similarities and differences with Cognitive Behavioral
  • Therapy Similarities and differences between a therapeutic and a coaching practice; ethic principles
  • Coaching Styles: Executive, Life, Business, and Health and Wellness coaching
  • Differences between Coaching, Mentoring and Advising

How to make a six-figure income as a consultant:

  • How to determine which consulting program would be best for the people you serve
  • How to double, triple, and increase your fees
  • Common mistakes people make when marketing consulting programs and how to avoid them

How to make a six-figure income as a public speaker:

  • How to be the first speaker people think of inviting to their event
  • How to find conferences, seminars, and events to speak at
  • How to drive your book sales at the back of the room, on the internet, and through corporate sales


  • How to write a book that promotes your work and promotes you as the expert in your niche area
  • When to self publish and when to find an agent or a publisher
  • How to write an outstanding book proposal
  • Keys to creating an amazing book title
  • How bestselling authors create a sudden surge of book sales to drive their book to the bestseller lists
  • How to get others to promote your book or product for you

Creating other products and services:

  • Ways to repurpose your material into books, audiobooks, videos, and more
  • Creating audio and video products that you can sell for $47 ... $497 ... $997 or more
  • Easy ways to niche your information to different audiences without redoing the whole product

How to blast your message get everyone talking about you and your programs:

  • How to build a powerful profile that drives people to want to connect with you
  • How to build a large list of people who are willing to buy from you again and again
  • How to stay in touch with your followers
  • How to learn about media queries
  • How to become known as THE EXPERT in what you do
  • How to pitch the media with strategic stories that help you position yourself as the go-to person

How to get to enjoy the fruits of your hard work and create a healthy lifestyle for you and your family:

  • How to create your own New Life Business Plan®
  • How to achieve your goals while you’re Leading Under Pressure®
  • How to succeed at Managing Work in Life®

You Will Have All the Tools to Maximize Your Visibility as a Key Opinion Leader.
Executing Your Plan With Short and Long-Term Ideas Can Help You
Build an Empire that Can Last a Lifetime

My goals are to teach you successful skills and techniques and the key elements of what it takes to be a Key Opinion Leader so that you can reach the most people with your message as you build your expert career. I also want to guide you as you choose, focus, and implement your best options in a realistic timeline based on current lifestyle and practice.

The most successful experts are constantly learning and implementing the lessons learned as well as continuing to improve their skills. My ideal candidate is a doctor who loves their profession and helping people, who feels strongly about providing a positive message, who wants to stay competitive and cutting-edge, who is interested in constant learning, who is interested and not afraid of technology, who is interested in making a difference in the world by providing quality services, and who does not fear being unique in helping others.

That’s exactly what my KOL Doctor Video-Teleseminar Program is designed to do. You’re going to receive guidance on making the right choices and putting together the right combinations for what you’re promoting and what you want to accomplish.

My KOL Doctor Video-Teleseminar Program is NOT for the Following People

Doctors who prefer to spend a couple of minutes with their clients, customers or patients. Coaching, advising or mentoring others effectively takes time. If you are interested in spending a few minutes with your customers or clients, this program is not meant for you.

Doctors who are only interested in having access to one of the seven modules. There are many programs that give you coaching or consulting, speaking or publishing training but I can’t stress enough how important it is to become excellent, not even proficient, as a thought leader, speaker, writer, media expert and more as a Key Opinion Leader. KOL Doctor is a top-notch, state of the art program like no other in the industry, offering an integrative and comprehensive program in coaching, business, marketing, media, publishing, and more for doctors only.

Doctors who want their staff to be trained but who are not interested in delivering the service themselves. KOL Doctor offers a unique positioning opportunity to market your expertise as the go-to thought leader and expert in your field. Your staff can’t do this for you.

Doctors who despise marketing and branding principles and who believe that people will come to them because they are the best. You will have a competitive advantage if you have already positioned yourself as an expert in your field. However, it you don’t understand the principles of exchange of value and why people will come to you, we are happy to bring you up to speed. If, instead, you prefer to stay in your ivory tower, this program is not meant for you.

Here’s What You’ll Receive as a Participant of the
KOL Doctor Seven-Week Video-Teleseminar Program

  • The KOL Doctor seven-week video-teleseminar is an intensive series that will give you all the tools you need to maximize your visibility as a thought and key opinion leader. This amazing opportunity will help you dive, head first, into the KOL world. You can work at your own pace and set up your own goals and deadlines.
  • Weekly training teleseminars for seven weeks exclusively for KOL Doctor. Key coaching, consulting, business, marketing, media, speaking, and publishing strategies will be presented by Dr. Gaby Cora and/or hand-picked experts that she has directly learned from. You’ll be able to ask questions during the teleseminars. Each call will be ninety minutes. The first hour will be a presentation followed by Q&A. Recordings will be available to all members in case you can’t make the call or want to listen to it again.
  • And more surprise seminars and opportunities by our associate experts after your completion. If you can’t make one or more of the sessions, we’ll be happy to provide you with audio recordings, video, and all written materials.
  • Dr. Gaby Cora’s coaching and consulting agreements or reference to state-of-the-art agreements, marketing letters, and media tips that will help you as you create your empire one step at a time.

I’ll Share all I’ve Learned and Proofed Strategies to Help You Create, Develop, and Execute a Focused Plan to Become a Successful Key Opinion Leader

You are busy, I know. But do you sometimes feel like you are putting tons of efforts in your input but the output falls short of your expectations? I see this happen all the time and it usually relates to people working a lot without a solid strategy and plan of action. I can help you achieve your goals much faster than if you do things on your own—this is in addition to your realizing there are million dollar ideas at your fingertips.

If you are a junior expert who wants to work hard to be recognized at a young age, this opportunity will help you achieve your goals much faster than on your own. If you are a seasoned expert who gave the best years of your life and you are now facing an even greater uncertainty as you see more junior and less experienced experts taking over your turf, you can’t afford not to sign up! Either way, junior or seasoned, you may be ready to experience the rewards of so much effort and create a lifestyle that exactly matches your hard work.

So, as busy as you are, one of the biggest threats to your success is being overwhelmed by all the work you must do and being scattered between offering your services, academic, administrative, and regulatory work. Having too much to do and too many options prevents most experts from getting where they want to be.

That's why it's critical that you have a customized plan that aligns with your core interests with your mind’s vision tailored to your goals, your talents, and your resources. Most people don't have a plan. Most people who succeed have a plan that helps them stay focused and achieve their goals.

If you're new to coaching, consulting and marketing your skills to the ultimate expert level and establishing a new business that could make an enormous impact in the business world, I'll help you speed up the learning curve by giving you an integrated approach to building your empire, which I built by going to the very best and carving this learning opportunity on my own. I want to share my lessons learned and help you succeed as we join forces in helping the world by promoting health and wellness at each and every level.

If you're already an experienced doctor and business person, I'll help you make even faster progress by offering powerful ideas that you can steadily implement as you establish yourself as a Key Opinion Leader.

I always joke: “I have a million dollar idea!” In fact, I hope that just one of my ideas can help you make—well—millions! Please note, I have been a member and have facilitated a mastermind group of women business owners who make One Million plus dollars a year to be a part of this group, so I know exactly what I’m talking about!

The Price of the KOL Doctor Seven-Week Video-Teleseminar Program

Okay, well what's the bottom line, you ask?

The bottom line is, there are two options that stand before you.

Your most expensive option is to decide not to join KOL Doctor, not to be at the top of the expert thought leader and key opinion leader list, who now attract all the clients, the speaking engagements, the book sales, the media attention, and the influence simply because they did what most people in similar circumstances are unwilling to do: they invested in themselves to become better marketers and make more opportunities happen.

Every successful coach, consultant, author, or speaker has spent thousands of flying hours to reach their summit. Actually, many best-selling authors decided to become coaches after they realized their readers were eager to be coached by them, whether or not they had any coaching experience!

Unfortunately, many experts publish their scholarly work with only the intention to continue to contribute to a world of knowledge. However, few doctors have effectively reached the public at large. Many people would rather hire a coach than a doctor; corporations would hire someone who went through a life experience rather than an expert who knows about the topic and can teach about it. By participating in this seven- week program, you will be able to play the game with a competitive advantage.

Many experts, regardless of their financial situation, feel like they have already spent tons of money on their future. In your case, you have invested in your doctorate, whether it’s medical school, a Ph.D. program or a J.D. degree. You may have lived frugally during your first years after you received the degree. You may feel like this is your time to start generating real money and a lifestyle that matches your hard-earned status as an expert.

That makes sense. But that’s what most of your colleagues are doing as they make decisions to join a salaried position or make a contract with an insurance company, when they can. You realize the only way to create the future of your dreams is by having a unique edge ahead of the competition.

So the cost of not being in KOL Doctor Seven-Week Video-Teleseminar Program is substantial. I mean, what’s the cost of not accomplishing your purpose, not helping the people you’re meant to help? Tens, hundreds, thousands, millions? You decide.

This program is open to as many doctors interested in a Renaissance approach as possible and I want to help as many people as I can around the world. This program is not cheap. I have honestly spent thousands of dollars and thousands of training and working hours to be able to now offer this amazing opportunity to you today. But when you consider everything you’re getting, it is an amazing and unique opportunity.

Consider this… most training programs charge thousands of dollars to enroll. In addition, you would pay thousands of dollars to understand the business side too—my MBA cost me tens of thousands of dollars—and, add up thousands of dollars—and hours—in learning how you can maximize your profit by creating passive sources of income. When you add up everything, such a program would cost you close to $100K! That’s pretty much around what I have invested in learning how the system works and how I can help you achieve your life dreams today.

Even if I charged half of what I invested, this may still be an amazing investment for you.

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Attend the first teleseminar and if you’re not “energized, impressed and amazed,” you’ll get a full refund on your tuition

100% Money-BankI’m so sure you’ll be thrilled with my KOL Doctor Program that I offer you this guarantee: If by the end of the first teleseminar, for any reason you’re not satisfied, simply let me know, and you’ll get a full refund on your tuition. You have nothing to lose!

All I ask is that you participate in the first teleseminar and give the program a fair try. If you need to cancel in advance, you may do so before September 1st for a refund less $500 cancellation fee. We have this cancellation fee to discourage people who aren’t serious from applying and taking a spot away from somebody who is committed to becoming a Key Opinion Leader.

Click here now to apply online

But I really do want to help people who are on a mission—the same mission that led me to create the Executive Health & Wealth Institute almost ten years ago. So instead of the program being tens of thousands of dollars, you have two options to sign up for the seven-week video-teleseminar program. I want to give you the best of opportunities in being one of the participants who will learn everything it takes to be an amazing Key Opinion Leader!

Option 1:

You may enroll for just three payments of $997 (now, 30 and 60 days from now, with full payment by the completion of the program.)

Option 2:

Save $500.00 with a single payment of just $2,497

To register, click here now.

Think about it, where else can you learn to maximize your leadership skills as a Key Opinion Leader while developing coaching skills, consulting strategies, business principles, proven strategies, techniques, and systems to create a highly profitable coaching and consulting empire?

And besides, let’s assume for a moment you are still hesitant, all you need is to get a couple speaking engagements where you make $1,500.00, ten coaching sessions at $250, or sell 125 books at $20 each to repay your tuition investment. That will be very easy to accomplish when you learn what it takes to achieve each and every goal.

Remember, you need the right positioning of your expertise to become the go-to expert in your area. You need the specific turnkey to create your coaching, consulting, business, publishing, speaking and publicity empire to be the only expert that people would hire. Participating in this unique program will pay you back many times over this modest investment. Click here now to apply online

Just like training, this investment may be tax deductible as an educational or business expense. While buying cars, clothes, or “things” may be on you, investing in your education, business, and future may give you a substantial tax break. Invest the money in building your reputation as a Key Opinion Leader today!

Here's What You Need to Do Right Away to Reserve Your Spot

To apply for a spot in my KOL Doctor Seven-Week Video Teleseminar Program
click here now to apply online and let's get started on the path to making your lifelong dreams of
being an amazing Key Opinion Leader and Doctor who helps the world become a better place.

Click here now to apply online

Looking forward to facilitating your abundance, prosperity, and Wellbeing.
Dr. Gaby Cora

PS #1 -- Whether you want to become the ultimate speaker, an amazing coach, a corporate consultant, a bestselling author, a television host, or just leave your full-time practice and do what you love, my KOL Doctor Program will give you the skills, ideas, tools, strategies, turnkeys, and blueprints, not to mention the support you need to make a huge impact in your practice, lifestyle, recognition, income, and influence. Click here now to apply online

PS #2 -- Maybe you are ready to transition from an exhausting and unrewarding full-time position for good and become a full-time coach, television personality, consultant, and author. Or maybe you’re already doing that and you would love to have another $5,000.00 or $10,000.00 per month income from your coaching, speaking, book sales, or consulting expertise. Either way, you’ll get where you want to go faster and easier when you’re part of my KOL Doctor Program. Click here now to apply


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